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Arweave is a groundbreaking decentralized storage platform and the following are its key features:

1. Permanent storage: Arweave is dedicated to solving the problem of storing data long term and reliably. The current Internet is highly mobile, with about 95% or more of information being lost every 20 years.Arweave's vision is to be a new Library of Alexandria, designed to preserve the world's treasure trove of knowledge.

2. Permaweb: Arweave's top layer of the Web is called the “Permaweb”. Although it doesn't look much different from the regular Web, everything in it, from images to complete Web applications, is stored permanently, can be retrieved quickly, and will never get a 404 error.

3. Proof of Access (PoA): Arweave uses a new consensus mechanism called “Proof of Access”. Each time a new block is created, a previous randomized block must be verified at the same time. In this way, only the node with the randomized block can make a block, thus ensuring that the data is permanently stored.

4. Decentralized storage: Arweave is completely decentralized, using an optimized PoW with no supernodes. Each node is rewarded according to the amount of storage and file transactions.

5. Technical innovation: Arweave's data structure is more like a net than a chain. It also introduces the Wildfire system, which allows nodes to spontaneously improve bandwidth and server stability in order to form a virtuous cycle. In addition, Arweave uses the Blockshadow system to support blocks of unlimited size, speeding up consensus and expanding throughput.

Arweave's main roadmap:

1. the Genesis Block: Arweave's journey began in June 2018 when the Genesis Block was created, marking the birth of the Arweave network and laying the foundation for its decentralized storage ecosystem.

2. arweave mainnet launched: in January 2019, Arweave launched its mainnet, enabling users to start storing and accessing data on the network. This important milestone brings Arweave one step closer to realizing its vision of permanent and secure data storage.

3. Improvements to decentralized storage: Arweave's roadmap includes continuous improvements to the network's storage capabilities. This involves optimizing storage protocols to ensure efficient use of storage space and improve overall network performance.

4. Integration with the Web3 ecosystem: Arweave is designed to integrate seamlessly with the Web3 ecosystem, enabling developers to build decentralized applications (dApps) on the Arweave network. This integration opens up endless possibilities for users to interact with Arweave in innovative ways.

5. Smart Contract Functionality: Arweave plans to introduce smart contract functionality to enable developers to create programmable logic on the network. This will further enhance Arweave's appeal as a comprehensive solution for decentralized storage and applications.

In addition, Arweave's unique consensus mechanism, called Proof of Access (PoA), requires miners to meet specific conditions in order to participate in the network. These requirements ensure that the network remains secure and trustworthy. As a miner, you will need to have sufficient storage capacity for the Arweave blockchain and its associated data, as well as a reliable and high-speed Internet connection to efficiently transfer data and synchronize with the Arweave network.

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