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DIMO is a car IoT platform built on Polygon, allowing drivers to collect and share data such as mileage, speed, location, tire pressure, and engine health. The platform predicts maintenance needs, enhancing driver understanding of their vehicles while earning DIMO tokens through a Drive-to-Earn model.

Market Context:

In 2021, total sales from all new light vehicle dealers in the US exceeded $1.18 trillion, with the used car market size being three times larger, and the auto insurance market valued around $317 billion. The shift towards electrified and intelligent cars transforms them from mechanical to technological assets, making car data increasingly valuable.

Global Insights:

Approximately 250 million connected cars worldwide have their data controlled by traditional manufacturers. Companies like Otonomo and Wejo are emerging, capitalizing on vehicle data by collecting, normalizing, and supplying it to automakers. By 2030, global profits from car data monetization are expected to reach $450 billion to $700 billion.

DIMO's Mission:

DIMO empowers users to own and profit from their car data, positioning drivers as "masters of their vehicles." This approach differs from other models like Hivemapper, which focuses on collecting mapping data through driving.


1. Connecting via AutoPi: Non-Tesla vehicle owners need to purchase an AutoPi device (priced at $299) to connect with DIMO, suitable for cars produced since 2008. AutoPi monitors real-time performance and health data.

2. Earning DIMO tokens: Users can earn tokens through baseline issuance rewards based on connection duration and type, and market issuance rewards when transacting with authorized DIMO apps.

Tokenomics ($DIMO):

$DIMO serves for transactions, governance, ecosystem incentives, and community engagement. With a total supply of one billion, tokens are distributed among baseline issuance, the Dimo treasury, the team, investors, and airdrops.


As Web3 seeks mass adoption, DIMO is pioneering a new path by bridging the crypto and physical worlds through hardware. At the intersection of Web3 and automobiles, Dimo grants drivers control over their data, enhancing privacy, security, and new uses for shared automotive data, potentially making DIMO a crucial link between vehicles, data, and people. This innovation drives technological advancement and societal value transformation, democratizing data ownership.

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