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GEODNET stands for Global Earth Observation Decentralized Network, operated by experienced professionals in the GPS industry. It is a high-reliability RTK (Real-Time Kinematic) network based on Web3.0 blockchain principles using #DePIN (Decentralized Physical Infrastructure Network).


GEODNET aims to collect dense real-time geospatial data from the earth and its atmosphere using innovative rooftop space weather stations. The goal is to provide centimeter-level precise positioning services, including RTK, PPP, PPP-RTK, and future AI-based positioning services. Blockchain technology will enhance a robust and resilient network, offering secure and reliable geospatial data products for critical economic sectors such as agriculture, transportation, and finance, as well as emerging applications like autonomy, AR/VR, and the Metaverse.

Technology and Network

  • Global RTK Network: GEODNET leverages new receiver technology and blockchain to build a global RTK network that provides centimeter-level positioning services at a very low cost.

  • Cost-Effective Measurements: The network delivers dense measurements benefiting from economies of scale, reliability, and accuracy.

  • Node Distribution: Currently, there are 3,400 nodes in the network, an increase of 1,400 nodes since the last count in February 2023. Over 80% of the nodes are operating stably, primarily located in Europe and North America.

Hardware and Proof of Location

  • Precise Positioning: GEODNET hardware supports the need for precise positioning. The Proof of Location (POA) mechanism evaluates miner performance based on parameters such as the number and quality of signals emitted, weather station location, and effective uptime.

  • GNSS Miner Verification: Initial GNSS Miner verification occurs after receiving a series of successful validation messages within the time threshold t_validation. This process is known as proof of location. Miners failing to provide timely validations will be deactivated and removed from GEODNET.

  • Advanced Receivers: GEODNET uses multi-frequency, all-constellation GNSS receivers. PPP software from NRCAN ensures accurate station positioning in standardized Datum. All sites are quality controlled by GEODNET 24/7. Antennas are standardized and calibrated by the National Geodetic Survey.

GEOD Token

  • Market Capitalization: The market cap of GEOD is US$14,795,453.

  • Historical Prices:

    • Highest Price: US$0.3569, recorded on March 14, 2024. The current price is 54.99% lower than the historical high.

    • Lowest Price: US$0.03417, recorded on September 13, 2023. The current price is 370.11% higher than the historical low.

GEODNET combines blockchain technology and advanced geospatial data collection to provide precise, low-cost positioning services, enhancing various economic sectors and emerging applications.

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