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Project Introduction

MVL (Mass Vehicle Ledger) by combining blockchain technology with the mobility space, it connects the physical mobility environment built in the Southeast Asian market with the blockchain to realise a Web3 Mobility World where ecosystem participants are rewarded for their contributions, a perfect combination of blockchain and traditional industries.

Owning TADA, the second taxi service in Singapore and Southeast Asia, MVL will enter the DePIN ecosystem based on spoiling big mobile data.

MVL's growth potential

Based on MVL's business profile, the TADA service has overtaken Gojek in Singapore ($4.9bn market cap) and is catching up with Grab ($12.4bn NASDAQ market cap).

In particular, MVL has recently entered the Thai market and plans to enter South Korea, Japan and Hong Kong in the future, making it highly likely that it will be a major player covering all of Asia within 2-3 years.

MVL has announced that it will focus on the DePIN track in the blockchain space. With a total DePIN MARKET CAP of $41 billion as of 16 March 2024, MVL ranks 30th in the overall DEPIN category.

MVL, as the operator of the TADA service in Singapore, has collected the following data:

- Data on over 100,000 journeys per day

- 2.5 million active passengers and 250,000 drivers per month

- 700 electric vehicles, 3,000 batteries and 13 charging stations.

By making the above information publicly available it will be able to enter the top 3 of the DePIN market by virtue of the volume of data.

MVL Token Information

Currently $MVL can be traded on exchanges such as Upbit, Bybit, Bitget, HTX, Gate, MEXC and others.

Market capitalisation as of 19 May 2024: $150 million

Purpose: The MVL token is used as a means of exchanging and rewarding data (including products that utilise the data) within the MVL platform. In particular, users and vehicles in the MVL ecosystem can be rewarded with MVL Tokens based on their participation, which can be reused in mobility services.

Core Asset: The MVL Token is the core asset of the MVL Mobility Ecosystem. It can be used as a utility token in various services and products within the MVL Mobility Ecosystem. For example, it can be used to purchase vouchers in the Clutch wallet, redeem points, and pay for partner services and companies. In the future, the use cases for MVL tokens will be further expanded.

MVL tokens play an important role in the MVL ecosystem to facilitate data sharing, incentivise users and build smarter, more coordinated mobility solutions.

How MVL is changing the mobility industry

1. Transparency and traceability: MVL's blockchain technology provides transparency and traceability across the mobility ecosystem. Traffic data, vehicle maintenance records, carpooling services, and other information is recorded on the tamper-proof blockchain, making it visible to all participants. This helps reduce fraud, increase trust, and improve overall operational efficiency.

2. Incentives: MVL incentivises users and ecosystem participants through a token economy. Drivers, passengers, vehicle maintenance staff, etc. can receive tokens as rewards to encourage their active participation and contribution. This incentive mechanism helps build a more active and sustainable mobility ecosystem.

3. Data sharing and interoperability: MVL's blockchain technology makes it easier to share data between different mobility services. For example, carpooling services can share data with energy infrastructures to optimise routes, reduce congestion and improve overall efficiency. This interoperability helps create smarter, more coordinated mobility solutions.

4. Decentralised carpooling services: MVL's carpooling services (e.g. TADA) are based on blockchain technology and are not dependent on a centralised operator. This means that users can directly carpool with other users without having to go through an intermediary. This decentralised approach helps to reduce costs, improve efficiency and increase user choice.

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