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$PHB Price: $2.53

$PHB has a maximum supply of 64 million, a current circulating supply of about 50 million and a market cap of about $130 million.

Phoenix is a decentralised AI infrastructure project, an innovative blockchain solution combining AI + DePIN who provides a secure and decentralised platform that enables individuals and businesses to control their digital transactions and data. It is committed to providing an efficient and secure AI computing environment for enterprises. Its core technology includes an AI computing layer and an enterprise-grade Layer 1 blockchain, which enables data privacy protection and value sharing through code-free AI deployment and multi-party computing.Phoenix's main goal is to accelerate the popularity and innovation of AI in real-world applications by providing scalable AI computing resources and support for a wide range of business scenarios.

The project consists of three core components working in tandem, namely:

  • A first-layer network, which is a robust enterprise-grade EVM-compatible blockchain.

  • Layer 2 Network, a computational layer primarily used to scale data, privacy and AI applications.

  • The Prophecy Machine, which is an integrated prophecy machine that serves as middleware for connecting real-world data.

At the hardware level, Phoenix will launch PhoenixNode and related computing infrastructure hardware to further enhance its competitiveness and market presence in the AI computing space. The addition of JDI Ventures as a strategic investor and hardware partner will help Phoenix's technology rollout and market expansion, giving it a significant presence in decentralised AI and multi-party computing.

Phoenix's innovation lies in its no-code support for AI deployment and multi-party computing capabilities, which means that users can deploy and run AI models without programming and can securely share and compute data across multiple participants. This not only improves the efficiency of AI applications, but also provides a strong guarantee of data privacy and security.

Overall, Phoenix provides strong technical support and guarantee for the implementation of AI in enterprises and real-world applications through its decentralised and code-free technology advantages.

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