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As digital media projects grow increasingly complex, and Computer-Generated Imagery (CGI) technology plays a more crucial role in fields including films, video games, and online series, there's a demand for faster image rendering capabilities to meet the quick-paced production needs. RNDR offers a scalable solution for these scenarios, enabling users to utilize thousands of GPUs, benefitting from the flexibility and security built on blockchain technology.

Otoy, a leading cloud graphics company in the US, is a pioneer in the graphics rendering field. Its groundbreaking technology has won an Oscar, and its flagship product, OctaneRender, is the world's first and fastest GPU-accelerated, unbiased, physically correct renderer. It's widely used by top visual effects studios, artists, animators, designers, architects, and developers.

Under OTOY's initiative, the Render Network (RNDR) was born as the first blockchain-based, distributed GPU rendering network.

What is Render Network?

Render Network (RNDR) is a fully decentralized network comprised of artists and GPU power providers, offering "on-demand" powerful rendering capabilities to users worldwide. It is supported by the ERC-223 standard RNDR tokens.

On this rendering network, users can earn tokens by contributing idle GPU power to rendering tasks. These tokens can be used to process their own rendering projects on the network or sold on exchanges for profit.

For creators, they can create high-resolution media content, establish crowdsourcing projects, and, as the network serves as a public database, assign unique IDs and timestamps to all creations within the network, effectively managing digital media asset ownership.

What Makes RNDR Different?

1. Perfect Intersection: GPUs return to their primary function while being incentivized through a token economy mechanism.

2. Ready and Accessible: Unlike many blockchain projects, RNDR has been grounded since its inception in 2009, fully integrated with OTOY's flagship unbiased rendering application, OctaneRender®2020, since April 2020. It has a vast user base, including major enterprises and studios.

3. Backed by Leading Companies and Industry Stalwarts: RNDR is founded by Jules Urbach, a pioneer in computer graphics, with investments from Algorand, Microsoft, and Kenetic, raising $134 million.

Current Applications of Render Network

Render Network is optimized for bounded, highly parallel tasks that don't require synchronous network connections, commonly used for digital rendering and training models for machine learning. It supports major digital content creation tools and aims to support any workload compatible with the ORBX scene data standard.

The Token's Prospects and Value

RNDR is a functional token and the universal currency on the Render Network, used to pay for animation and rendering tasks. It represents a shift in transaction methods and efficiency for computer graphics rendering services, offering investment and trading potential. As the cryptocurrency market evolves, RNDR is expected to become a notable digital asset.

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