Rowan Energy


4/17/20241 min read

Rowan Energy is an innovative new energy company possessing its own Layer 1 technology, focusing on the DEPIN (Decentralized Energy Production Incentive Network) track for solar energy hardware mining. The company employs a consensus mechanism called "Proof of Generation," whereby users contribute to the maintenance of the blockchain by verifying their solar energy output. This system is both environmentally friendly and more energy-efficient.

To facilitate this, Rowan Energy has developed a hardware solution named SmartMiner, which integrates a smart meter with blockchain cryptocurrency mining capabilities.

Visually, the SmartMiner resembles a standard smart meter in size and is installed at the connection point of a user’s solar panels, linking directly to the household WiFi. While monitoring electricity usage, it concurrently generates cryptocurrency rewards. According to official documentation, Rowan Energy compensates users with 10 pence worth of $RWN for every kilowatt-hour of solar energy produced. These rewards can be converted into cash via PayPal or transferred to a Rowan-compatible wallet on the user's smartphone.

Whenever a SmartMiner is sold, or fees are generated on its Layer 1, Rowan Energy repurchases a certain percentage of $RWN, underpinning the token’s value to encourage long-term use of clean energy (solar power).

The total supply of RWN tokens is 545 million, with 150 million allocated to venture capital and private rounds. Currently, the circulating supply is 195 million, with the remaining 180 million reserved for DEPIN mining outputs. In the market, $RWN has risen by 200% over the past month and has increased twentyfold within the year, bringing its market capitalization to 33 million USD.

Rowan Energy's pioneering approach to solar mining empowers the adoption of renewable energy, achieving both environmental and economic benefits. This project represents a revolutionary shift in the energy sector, paving the way for a clean energy future.

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