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Streamr is a decentralised, real-time data network designed to create, share and use data streams on the open, scalable Web3 protocol with powerful monetisation tools. And on 20 October 2017, it closed a $30.5 million funding round through an ICO.

The Streamr network implements a vendor-neutral, real-time publish/subscribe protocol for data transfer. Data is transmitted over a global peer-to-peer network that is scalable, robust and licence-free. It currently works in tandem with accompanying blockchains (e.g., Ether, Gnosis, and Polygon) for authentication, security, and payments.

Functions and uses:

  • l AI Data Delivery: supports real-time data delivery between AI models and with AI agents.

  • l Real-time video: stream any media through Streamr's highly scalable decentralised real-time content distribution network.

  • l DePin: Transfer verifiable data from any networked DePin hardware or IoT device.

  • l Communications: secure messaging and coordination without servers or middlemen.

  • l Metaverse: broadcast interactive experiences and dynamic environments at scale.

  • l Data realisation: buy and sell data streaming subscriptions.

  • l Node Operators: Anyone can run Streamr nodes, securely from their own Mac or PC, and earn revenue from pledged $DATA tokens.

In short, Streamr provides Web3 developers with a powerful real-time data infrastructure that enables them to connect to real-time data from around the world.

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